Weekly Photo Challenge; Joy

This is my entry for this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge; Joy. We were having a party at the lake in the northern parts of Sweden – Jämtland, this summer evening. The weather was great and everybody was happy. After a while some of the guys wanted to go for a swim and jumped into the lake. I had my Olympus E-PL 5 ready and shot several pics. Here is one of them, The boys of summer. Yes I’m thinking of the Don Henley song.

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    • Not me but my wife is. Praetorius is her last name and i added it when we got married. She added mine. A common thing to do in Sweden. Very interesting that you know of Michael Praetorius.

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  7. well you know a picture is good when it looks like something (or someone) could have been photo-shopped in!!! also, the guy that is getting out of the water – and onto the dock – well his hand is in the air – and for a minute it almost looked like he was tossing the kid into the air – but then again, it is late and I may just need sleep. nice picture for JOY

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