Crazy crazy nights

We were having a barbecue at the lake this evening during our recent vacation in Jämtland – the northern parts of Sweden. The food and beers tasted great and everybody was really happy. After a while the sky turned purple/pink and I quickly rigged my camera gear. When I watched this I came to think of the title for the pic; Crazy crazy nights – the song by Kiss. The sunset colours are often crazy beautiful in Jämtland in June and July.


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    • Thank you very much! 🙂 The sunsets/sunrises are amazing in the northern parts of Sweden in June. It doesn’t get very dark because of the midnight sun. I think i shot this one past midnight actually.

      • Oh, I’d be asleep by then! Besides, midnight here is dark. Nothing to see but white glistening stars against a black sky. How boring is that? (And yes, I am joking! About the boring but not about the sleeping))

  1. Ha, ha! It’s funny about the Midnight sun. Many times we have been sitting there talking and having a good time, when somebody looks at the watch and goes; Hey it’s 3 in the morning now, we need to go to bed! The light makes you forget about how late it is.

  2. well the colors in this photo are ”crazy” good!

    but the link you provided above – well it took me to a different Kiss song – but it was a good thing because I had no idea that Kiss wrote as song about how God gave us rock and roll – that is pretty cool!! Kiss was my husband’s first rock concert – he went when he was really young – like 6 or 7 – and his momma took him. lol.
    anyhow, I thought the song still went well with this beautiful photo:

    here is the song that was linked:
    God gave rock and roll to you
    (to everyone he gave the song to be sung)
    Gave rock and roll to you,
    saved rock and roll for everyone
    Saved rock and roll

    • Thank you very much! Oh i didn’t know that. I linked to their website and didn’t know that that song would turn up. It seemed that it tuned out pretty good though (thank God 🙂 All the best you you and your husband. So cool that his first concert was a Kiss show!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! Well, i’m on facebook too – stefan praetorius naurin photography and i hope to close a couple of other deals too soon but nothing is decided yet.

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