The Moor

I was out walking our dogs this morning when I saw this in front of me. The moor looked so interesting with the fog I just had to take some shots. I used the iPhone camera app Hipstamatic and the virtual lens/film combo Libatique 73 and Blanko. The title of the pic – The Moor, is also a great song by Swedish progressive metal band Opeth.


11 tankar om “The Moor

    • Thank you very much! Libatique and Ina’s 1935 or Blanko are a bit of a favourite combo of mine, all depending on the light of course. The combo often works very well in the afternoon here on the westcoast in Sweden when the sun is low. Happy experimenting with the combo!

  1. I really like when you share a few details with the photos – like how you took it – or a few tidbits about what was going on (like with the tub) – or why you selected to share a certain one (like how you saw a unicorn in the fireworks) – of course the photo speaks for itself – but the post is a bit more alive with the small bit of info ”behind the photo” –

    oh, and that song – well this picture looks like it could be a cover for one that band’s albums – lol – and at first the filter on my computer blocked the song for being explicit – ha ha – and while their music is not necessarily my style or preference – from what I heard – those guys can rock it!!!

    • I’m very glad that you like that because i like to write a little about my pics. Oh i had no idea about the song. I’m sorry about that. I checked the link but couldn’t see anything strange about it. All the best!


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