Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

During our recent vacation I discovered floral photography. It’s very interesting trying to compose a good flower shot and it often takes time finding the right angle, focus point, checking the background and as always – good light. I found these flowers outside our house in the northern parts of Sweden and they became the beginning of a new discipline in photography for me. This is my second entry for this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning.


Other excellent entries.

Photo Weekly Challenge : beginning | Mon beau manoir

15 tankar om “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

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  2. well I love flowers – but I have to admit that I get fatigued with too much floral photography – however, with that said, I do enjoy some – especially in winter (where we are) – and also, this photograph is AWESOME! ooooo – a little bit of mystery with the way you caught that one flower facing out – with the darkness and depth and with just the tip of the stigma showing on that one – very interesting….

    • Thank you very much! Yes i know what you mean and i agree. It’s quite interesting though to try to compose a flower shot that works and beeing outside when the weather is nice is a good thing too. 🙂

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