A longexpo shot from our recent vacation in Jämtland – the northern parts of Sweden. I think that long exposure photography is very interesting and I purchased a B+W 10 stop ND filter, a remote control and some other stuff that you need for this photography discipline. I shot this pic near our cottage, the larger rock looked very interesting and it made a nice formation together with the smaller ones. The title ”Rocks” is also a very cool song by the Scottish band Primal scream, Rod Stewart did a cover version by the way.


7 tankar om “Rocks

    • Thank you very much Emilio! I think you are doing just fine and i really like your pics. However. If you want to learn more try to read about composition rules, backgrounds and so on. But i guess you already know about that.

  1. I agree – the larger rock is so interesting – and when I first skimmed at the photo – it looked like a big ol’ turtle!! ha ha – but you have a another choice photo here – and I Iike how in the water you can see the rocks – but as you move away – the eye is drawn to the reflections on the water. Bueno!

  2. It looks like a sea monster – are you sure it’s not just sleeping? I have an every-day kind of digital camera but it promises it can do so much more than point and shoot, but i am working on it.


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