Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

This is my entry for this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition. I wanted to shoot my son’s old skateboard and being a little creative doing it. I placed it on our local track and field stadium and lay flat on my stomach for this perspective. I hope you like it?



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  3. Dude – this was such a surprise to find today! I mean – I was expecting a sunset or something with that highlighting that gorgeous Sweden geography (and I just noted that in a poem I wrote today – which I will share later) – 🙂

    Anyhow, this photo did not disappoint – and with all that contrast – I like how the faint white line, which sits right under the wheel – well that line kind of pulls it all together. I am curious as to how you got that shot – and all that reddish color is just cool – nice take on the theme – and I think your outside bathtub photo from a while back would also fit this week’s theme as well!

    • Thank you so much for the great feedback and very kind words. I truly appreciate them! Yes i wanted to play around a little with the size of the small skatboard in the foreground looking big and the big building in the background looking small. I walked around on the track for a while looking for a composition and when i saw the white line, i tried to connect the skateboard and the building with it.

      • did yoiu notice the reference to your pictures in my poem (near the end??)
        also, is your dog named after Ozzy the singer? and what about Bozzy – named after anyone? just curious…

      • Yes i did. I just wrote a comment about it on your blog. Thank you very much for that, i truly appreciate it! Yes that’s right. Ozzy is named after my favourite singer/artist Ozzy Ozbourne. My children named our other dog – Bozze and because of the double zz in Ozzy, we wanted to spell Bozze with a double zz too 🙂

      • that is pretty cool – and we just saw OZZY in an interview – talking about his Grammy nomination – and wow – the way he talked about his struggle with alcohol addiction was pretty grounded! Like he noted triggers and this and that – and it was so good. Also, I am going to post about OZZY next week on my blog – because this other blogger actually wrote a poem about OZZY (last year) that was way cool.
        Okay, well thanks for again for taking the time to reply. Happy Sunday….

      • That’s very interesting! Yes he has been fighting many years trying to stop drinking and using drugs. I just have to read your upcoming post about Ozzy, i’m curious!

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  8. I don’t know what you’ve done to this photo or what equipment you used but it is super sharp and crisp. The colors are just amazing like they are wet paint on a glossy surface. And I love the perspective you chose. Because of several motorcycle accidents in the past (yes, I finally learned my lesson and no longer own one) I have trouble getting down so low. And more of a problem getting up. But I must try this angle sometime.

    • Thank you so much Emilio! I think i used the editing apps Snapseed and Photo toaster. I pretty much always use them when i edit on my iPad. Because of the shadows under the skateboard i think i used the ”clarify” mode in Photo toaster and then the sharpening tool. After that i think i fine tuned the pic in Snapseed. The reason for not beeing sure is that i snapped and edited the pic last summer but i usually use these apps. Oh i’m sorry to hear about your accident, i hope you are OK? Yes i really like that perspective/angle btw. It’s called ”grod perspektiv” in Swedish (frog perspective)

  9. Thank you for the info. I looked at snapseed but it can only be used on an iPad I believe. I don’t have one. And my accidents (twice- the same knee) were about 10 and 12 years ago and don’t bother me with most activities. Just no tennis and no running. But hiking is good. And I can get down on the ground OK but sometimes need help getting up. Still it might be worth the discomfort to get a shot like yours!

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