Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

This is my entry for this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge: Object. It was a gorgeous evening in Jämtland – the northern parts of Sweden. The lake looked like a mirror so I went for a photo walk hoping to snap a pic or two. As I was standing by the lake looking for some interesting compositions, I saw my cousin and my other cousins husband in a boat trying to catch some fish. I thought to myself that this could be an interesting minimalistic composition. I watched them through the LCD screen and pressed the shutter button when they came in to the frame at that specific place where you can see the sunset reflecting in the water. I shot this using my old Panasonic Lumix LX 3. I still love that little camera!


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  6. I love how the boat is off to the right (and like the reflection as noted) but my favorite part of this photo was how you snapped the shot while one of the cousins had the rows in the air.

    It is a small detail and really does not say that much – but at the same time – the hands up and in motion – well they add a small triangular shape (with a vertical feel with the two bodies) to all the horizontal lines in this shot (horizontals in sky, boat, mountains, water, etc.) –

    Also, the arms in motion give the shot a feeling of life – just a little movement amidst the placid serenity and calm.

    • Thank you very much for you kind words and feedback. I’m really glad you noticed that as i was watching him and tried to snap the pic at that moment. Just to get something ”more” happening in the pic. I must say you are very observant and give me great feedback. Thank you so much!

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