The Path

Happy Thursday! A pic from the castle Naas area on the westcoast in Sweden. I often go there on photo walks as the castle and the surroundings are quite beautiful. It is not very often that I edit my pics very much but I wanted to do something a little extra with this one. I wanted an old look and this is how it turned out. I used several editing apps on my iPad btw.


15 tankar om “The Path

  1. you really created a vintage look – it also has a dichotomous feel as either side of the fence has a completely different feel – the right side has that less filled feel with the leaves on the ground and only a few trees up ahead – compare that to the other side of the fence – with all that natural grown grass and different sized trees – controlled vs. wild maybe? and I am not sure if you intentionally manipulated the light to be accented tot he left of the fence – but that whole illumination to the left adds more interest and increases the duality of the piece.

    • Thank you very much for your great feedback! I tried to create an interesting composition with the leaves and the trees with the fence leading the eye through the picture and dividing the leaves and the trees. The same goes for the darker side. The sun was shining through the trees and i tried different vignette effects to darken the right side of the pic. Again. Thank you for your great feedback!

  2. Nu har jag tittat på den här bilden flera gånger om. Den är helt underbar! Jag skulle vilja hoppa in i den, in i den där gläntan. Och sen stanna kvar i det där landet. 😉


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